Established in 1982 as the 'First Research Award', and renamed in 2001 in honour of Prof Elsdon Storey who, in 1953 as a young orthodontist, co-authored a paper which won the prize, the first time it was offered by the ASO, for the most noteworthy orthodontic paper presented during a specific period. This award is now advertised annually and is awarded to the most meritorious research paper. Generally, it is based on a "first research" thesis carried out in Australia by a student studying to gain their qualification as an orthodontist.

Previous Award Winners

1987 Dr Glen Staples

1990 Dr Garth Brice

1993 Dr David Lee & Dr Maureen Parlange

1996 Dr John Cameron

2000 Dr Jonathon Ashworth

2002 Dr Howard D. Holmes

2003 Dr Teriko Rex

2004 Dr Daniel Ngan

2005 Dr Deborah Harris

2006 Dr Laura Barbagallo

2007 Dr Crofton Daniels

2008 Dr Sheryn Deane

2009 Dr Gosia Barley

2010 Dr Roslyn Mayne

2011 Dr Sanjiv Ratneser

2012 Dr Anna Ho Meyer

2013 Dr Thomas Lo

2014 Dr Cherry Zaw

2015 Dr Jenkin Chiu

2016 Dr Braydon Patterson

2017 Dr Steven Naoum

2018 Dr Annie Tong


Entry closing date is the 30th of November each year

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