Mr Sam Bulkley

                                Mr Sam Bulkley

The Fellowship was endowed by Rocky Mountain Orthodontics (RMO), in memory of the late Mr Sam Bulkley. Sam came to Australia in 1967 as the first full-time Australian representative of an orthodontic manufacturing company. Over the next two decades he came to count many Australian orthodontists as true friends.

Following his early death in 1986, and to honor this unique relationship between Sam and Australian orthodontists, RMO generously started the Sam Bulkley - RMO Travelling Fellowship in 1987. From 2003, this award has been sponsored by Andrew Binns and his company AB Orthodontics and the name of the Fellowship was changed to the ‘Sam Bulkley – AB Orthodontics Travelling Fellowship’ to reflect this change in sponsorship. In 2017 the name was changed to the ‘AB Orthodontics Fellowship’.

The purpose of the Fellowship is to enable newly graduated orthodontists in Australia and New Zealand to travel overseas to a Centre of Excellence, and thereby gain additional knowledge and experience. A grant of $7500 has been generously provided by AB Orthodontics.

Rules and guidelines:

  • The applicant must be a member of the Australian Society of Orthodontists or New Zealand Association Orthodontists and an Australian or New Zealand resident.
  • The applicant must either possess an Australian or New Zealand post-graduate degree in orthodontics or be in their final year of post-graduate study at the closing date of entries, with the intention of taking up the Fellowship the following year.
  • Closing date for submission of the initial application for is June 30th each year.  Following receipt of the initial application, applicants will be notified of the details required for the Full Application.
  • This Fellowship is designed for candidates to spend a period of time overseas at an institution that will give the Fellow an opportunity to increase their knowledge of orthodontics. The duration of the Fellowship and the institution will be factors considered when the application is assessed. 
  • The Fellow will be required, on return, to present a paper on the work carried out during the period of study, to a State Branch, Congress or Foundation Meeting of the ASO. 
  • The Fellow, where possible, will acknowledge the support of the ASOFRE if any publications or presentations arise as a result of the work carried out during the Fellowship.
  • The Fellow may apply to the ASO Foundation for Research and Education for a Special Research Donation over and above the Fellowship to help meet expenses associated with the research undertaken.

The ASOFRE committee shall determine the general conditions and manner of submission for the award. The decision of the Committee is final and applicants have no right of access to the Committee's deliberation.

List of Fellows

1987     Dr Neo Douvartzidis, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

1988     Dr Denise Lawry, Washington University, Seattle

1989     Dr Lesley Short (accepted then declined for health reasons)

1990     Dr Robert Schwartz, Tuft’s University, Boston

1991      Dr Anthony Collett, University of Michigan

1995     Dr Vicky Vlaskalic, University of California (San Francisco)

1996     Dr Kath Arneman, Harvard University

1997     Dr Neil Pinto, Cranio-facial Centre, University of Illinois

1998     Dr Craig Dreyer, Guys Hospital ,London

1999     Dr Gavin Lenz, University of Toronto

2000   Dr Rhonda Coyne, Cranio-facial Centre, University of Illinois

2001    Dr Charles Sheridan, Louisiana State University

2005   Dr Donna Lim, Eastman Dental Hospital, London UK

2006   Dr Sivabalan Vasudavan, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada

2007   Dr Elaine Lim, The Children’s Hospital, Boston, USA

2008   Dr Alwyn Wong, New York University

2009   Dr Shari Daniels, Eastman Dental Institute, London

2010    Dr Angie Phelan, University of Michigan

2011     Dr Saad Al-Mozany, University of Hong Kong

2012    Dr Jippy Buck, University of Connecticut

2013    Dr Vandy Katyal, University of Dusseldor & 

            Dr Rajiv Ahuja, Chang Gung University Taiwan (accepted but did not proceed)

2014    Dr Vandy Katyal, University of Florence

2016     Dr Doreen Ng, University of Florence