The Australian Society of Orthodontists Foundation for Research and Education has embarked on a campaign Foundation for the Future to expand the Foundation's capital base. The aim is to raise $ 5,000,000 to ensure and maintain adequate funding for important orthodontic research and education.

If we are to ensure the future health of our specialty, we'll need the enthusiastic commitment of everyone involved.  We are asking concerned industry associates to participate in this critically important campaign.  But ultimately it's our profession, and the future is in our hands. 

ASO members are therefore urged to support the Foundation for the Future, as a contributing participant. A variety of opportunities are at your disposal:


Whilst lump sum payments are encouraged, donations can be paid over a 3-year period (or 5 years for larger amounts). All donations are fully tax-deductible

Your ensuing membership in the Foundation for the Future will bring with it:

  • Membership listing in the ASO FRE Newsletter, the Web Page, and in updates of the ASO Newsletter.
  • Membership lapel pin for Benefactors and Patrons
  • Inclusion on the Foundation for the Future Honour Roll which will be displayed at Congress and Foundation Meetings.
  • Certificate of Membership.
  • And, of course, the knowledge and satisfaction that you will be helping to further the success of orthodontic research and education in Australia

Corporate Sponsorship

Your company is invited to become an appreciated member of the Foundation for the Future, and a contributing participant in its very worthwhile aims.  A variety of opportunities are at your disposal:


Grateful Patient Donors

Patients who have received pro bono orthodontic treatment through a professional courtesy arrangement, such as when an orthodontists treats the child of a referring dentist or friend, are encouraged to express their gratitude by making a tax-deductable donation to the Foundation for the Future on behalf of their orthodontist. The parent gets the tax deduction and is listed as a donor, the orthodontist has the donated amount credited to their Foundation for the Future Honour Roll total.